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Roller Dies


Roll Dies is suitable for high output continuous processes by powered machines. Rolling an inscription into a component lessens the marking load because only a fraction of the inscription is in contact at any one time.

Many components can be marked without distortion by the rolling method which could not be marked successfully by pressing methods.

Roller Dies
Dies can be made to suit many applications:
  • Cable Marking: For marking, by either coining or indenting, electrical, industrial and telecommunication cables.
  • Tube Marking: Low marking loads from roller dies are suitable for thin walled components such as steel and copper tubing.
  • Bar Marking: Continuous marking of extruded and rolled bar, as well as steel strip.

Information required to specify your requirement

  • The inscription design and whether it is a raised or sunken readable inscription.
  • The dimensions that the die will be required to mark within.
  • The material to be marked and the depth of indentation required


  • Inscriptions to your specification.
  • All dies manufactured from high-grade hardened steel, providing long life and durability.
  • 3D master copy together with close tolerance rotary equipment ensures the highest standard of dies.
  • Reduced stress indenting options available.
  • In house heat treatment provides consistent quality and hardness.
  • Dies available for hot marking applications.
  • CNC engraving capability enables complex designs to be accurately reproduced with excellent registration.
  • Produced to BS EN ISO9001:2000 quality standards

Support Services

  • Artwork modification and production for your approval.
  • Maintenance of a database to record your inscription design history.
  • Helpful and experienced staff, ready to provide advice on all technical issues relating to Roll/Rotary marking applications.