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Press Marking Dies


A flat or contoured die for use in a range of presses from the simple hand operated flypress through to hydraulic and pneumatic presses.

Typically utilised to indent fixed or variable information with lowstress options also available for stress critical components:

Typically used in the production of:

  • Corporate Branding.
  • Decorative Designs.
  • Point of Origin.
  • Serial numbers/Batch Numbers.
Press Marking Dies
Type of Press Dies:
Fly Marks
Fly Marks:
For use in a fly press, percussion press or pneumatic press. Shank and body dimensions to suit your requirement.
Logo Dies
Logo Dies:
Made on round or rectangular blanks to your own logo design. Dies can be engraved flat, concave or convex (within limits) to suit component shape.
Graduation Dies
Graduation Dies:
Absolute precision is maintained to ensure that when the mark is transferred to the engineered component, it is of the utmost accuracy.
Information required to specify your requirement:
  • Inscription or logo design.
  • The overall dimensions of the inscription or logo.
  • The dimensions required for the blank.


  • Inscriptions and logos to your specification
  • Variable inscriptions possible by incorporating interchangeable type and logos
  • Dies custom made to suit your machinery and holders
  • Made from highest quality steels
  • CNC engraving capability enables complex designs to be accurately reproduced with excellent registration
  • In house heat treatment provides consistent quality and hardness
  • Produced to BS EN ISO9001:2000 quality standards

Support Services

  • Artwork modification and production for your approval.
  • Maintenance of a database to record your design inscription.
  • Helpful and experienced staff, ready to provide advise on all technical issues relating to marking applications.