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Fully Programmable Numbering Heads

Our fully programmable automatic numbering head (660CDI) can mark non sequential numbers.

Connected to a PC or PLC, the programmable marking head receives the data string to be marked by RS232. The wheels rotate and position themselves accordingly.

These powerful programmable numbering heads can indent metals with very deep mark, quickly and quietly. It is often used in the automotive industry to indent metal sheet. Character height can vary from 3 mm up to 12 mm.

Marks Pryor design and manufacture special wheels and numbering units to meet any marking requirement

Custom options include:

Any character can be engraved into a blank wheel (within size limits) to mark logos, symbols and letters providing the solution for exact numbering requirements.

  • Character forms can be Sharp faced, Flat faced, MiniStress™ or DotStress™
  • Characters can be condensed or broad to any special style
  • Concave and convex characters can also be provided

Indexing options

Where repeat marks of the same serial number are required, units are available with other index options

Alternative Styles of Head

Marks Pryor will consider manufacture of :-

  • Larger character sizes
  • Heads with a greater number of wheels
  • Special Frames
  • Frames with slots to accept Interchangeable Steel Type or Engraved
  • Dies
  • Finger pawl operation


Fully Programmable Numbering Heads

Fully Programmable Numbering Heads


Fully Programmable Numbering Heads
  This example shows a complete custom marking solution. This automatic numbering head marks characters 2" high into steel plates over 8 feet long.