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Marks Pryor Numbering Units


Pryor's range of Manual and Automatic indexing units, for quick and easy serial numbering of parts.
For use either by hand and hammer or mounted in a machine.

  • 0-9 wheels available in a wide range of character sizes
  • Automatic or Manual Indexing
  • Strict tolerances and positive alignment produce consistent quality marks every time
  • Manufacturered to quality system ISO 9001:2000
  • Supplied with a range of shanks for striking with a hammer or to suit standard marking presses
  • Tell-tale characters in wheel grooves show characters in the marking position
  • Suitable for use with most metals and many plastics
  • Specially manufactured wheels available to provide alphanumeric characters and symbols

Numbering Units

Numbering Units

Manual selection

Manual units allow the inscription to be rapidly changed by hand to any value and locked in position. Ideal for random changing inscriptions.

Numerically Controlled Numbering Units

Marks Pryor Custom numbering units a diverse range of numbering heads can be designed and manufactured to special order.

Automatic Indexing Numbering Units

Marks Pryor Automatic indexing units allow fast and accurate consecutive serial numbering with the minimum of effort. The inscription is indexed by hand, trip lever or pneumatic valve. Not suitable for use by hand and hammer.