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Manual Selection Numbering Units

Manual units allow the inscription to be rapidly changed by hand to any value and locked in position. Ideal for random changing inscriptions.

Allow the wheels to be rotated to any given position – offering a complete inscription change in seconds.

  • Ideal for random changing inscriptions and batch marking
  • A choice of 7 character sizes from 1.5mm to 6mm
  • Each wheel with sharp faced characters engraved 0-9 (inclusive) and one blank station
  • Alternative wheel options made to special order
  • Frame options to accommodate from 2 to 14 wheels
  • Suitable for use by hand and hammer or mounted in marking machine
  • Wheels positively locked in position by a securing pin
  • Compact and lightweight yet robust and durable
  • Spare parts and wheels available
Manual Selection Numbering UnitsManManual Selection Numbering Units
Tell-Tale characters in the wheel grooves show the actual characters in the marking position - particularly helpful when used in a marking press or machine.
Manual Selection Numbering Units
The security pin not only fastens the wheels in position, but also transmits the compressive load in the body of the tool, directly to the point of impact.
Manual Selection Numbering Units