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Integrated Dot Pin Marking Machines


With a modular design these dot peen marking machines are aimed to be integrated on production lines or installed in turnkey design to order stations.
This product line ranges from medium production to 24/7 capable

Our 3000 controller offers a wide range of communication and I/O possibilities with user friendly embedded interface.

Most of our stylus pin marking machines are based on electromagnetic marking pin technology (no need for air supply). We also offer very deep marking equipment using pneumatic dot peen system.

dot peen marking machines
  • Extremely compact
  • Cost Effective


dot peen marking machines
  • Embedded screen
  • No external controller
  • Robust


dot peen marking machines

3000 i60-60 | 3000 i60-60D | 3000 i60-60A | 3000 i150-150 | 3000 i150-150D

  • Fast
  • High accuracy
  • Large marking window
  • Robust
dot peen marking machines
  • Very fast
  • Powerful
  • Robust
  • Compact