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Coining Dies


The component is squeezed at high pressure between two female dies which forces the material to flow into the die cavity. This produces a raised relief on both sides of the component.

Suitable for the production of characters and designs on material such as brass, steel, copper or precious metals Coining requires a powered press to produce the relief, as considerable pressure is required.
Typically used in the production of:

  • Key coining
  • Tokens and coins
  • Medal marking
Coining Dies
Information required to specify your requirement:
  • Blank Dimensions.
  • Drawing or sample of the article requiring to be coined.
  • Whether one or both sides of the article are to be coined.
  • The metallurgical properties of the material used.


  • Inscriptions to your specification .
  • Made to suit your machinery and holders.
  • Made from the highest quality steels.
  • In house heat treatment provides consistent quality and hardness.
  • Produced to BS EN ISO9001:2000 quality standards.

Support Services

  • Artwork modification and production for your approval.
  • Maintenance of a database to record your inscription design history.
  • Helpful and experienced staff, ready to advise on all technical issues relating to coining.