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Cigarette Printing Dies


Marks Pryor is the first choice within the tobacco industry for the supply of cigarette printing dies for the new generation high speed GD121 dies (pictured above) and Hauni Protos 2 machines, as well as older more established machine brands within the industry.

Marks Pryor has developed a worldwide reputation for dependability with the worlds leading cigarette manufacturers through a consistent emphasis on high product quality and technical expertise. Working to ISO 9001:2000 accredited standards our customers can be assured that all our products undergo stringent quality controls during manufacture- from raw material to finished products.

Cigarette Printing Dies


With 150 years knowledge our experience is second to none in the selection of the most appropriate material for printing dies, so as to provide both durability and dynamic accuracy around the die.

Marks Pryor has the capability to manufacture printing dies from a number of distinct materials. Through stringent heat-treatment processes all dimensional changes are minimised and controlled, to ensure the integrity of the engraved material is maintained.

Through the selection of the most appropriate material and our specialist heat-treatment, Marks Pryor can manufacture cigarette printing dies that accurately maintain pitch to strict tolerances, which is crucial to high speed continuous marking.

Types of Cigarette Printing Dies

At Marks Pryor we define the number of printing panels on a specific printing die as either 2up, 4up or 8up. This refers to the number of printing panels on each die (or the number of prints for every revolution of the die)

  • 2 Up Die – Molins Mk8, Hauni Garrant 4, Sigma, Decoufle Loga and Sasib
  • 4 Up Die – Molins Mk8D, Mk9, Hauni Protos 70/80/90, 6000, 7200, 8000, Decoufle Loga 2, Loga 3D and Passim
  • 8 Up Die – GD121 and Protos 2


  • Inscriptions to your specification
  • Provision of code rings and Lap prints
  • Made from the Highest Quality Materials
  • Material options available to suit different ink characteristics
  • Ongoing maintenance of both the brand database and printing die drawings for each customer
  • In house heat-treatment provides dimensional stability for an industry where accuracy is paramount.

Support Services

  • Artwork production for approval prior to engraving
  • Production of Die Design Cards, highlighting brand image at actual size and fully dimensioned enlarged image
  • Maintenance of a database to record each customers branding history
  • Complete commercial confidentiality to protect security of brand launch, as well as cigarette die specifications.
Die Design and Brand Database

By the nature of the business we undertake, we need to produce a master copy of the design information to manufacture cigarette printing dies. Held on computer, these masters provide a corporate history for our customers as, after receipt of the client s artwork, we provide an actual and enlarged, scale visual for approval. Where appropriate we would discuss any alterations that may be required to maximise ink pick-up and print quality. Once approved, this information is held securely for future reference in Pryor s brand history database. The benefits of such a system are:

  • consistency of brand image
  • quality control
  • safeguard against counterfeiting
  • ability to approve artwork before metal is cut
  • useful tool for marketing purposes

Lap Print and Code Ring Production

Lap Prints: These are prints that are typically engraved onto the printing die to provide a print on the seam of the cigarette and as such can be manufactured to run either up or down the length of the cigarette rod seam.


Cigarette Printing Dies

Code Rings: These are rings that convey information much like a lap print. However the ring can be fitted and removed as and when the information is required. Typically lap prints and code rings will state a specific manufacturer, pricing information, or particular source/end market.

Underlap/Overlap: Dies can be manufactured utilising either a lap print or code ring, so as to place the print onto the cigarette either down its seam and as such visible on the cigarette body (overlap), or hidden underneath the glue seam (underlap).

Cigarette Printing Dies
Machining Capability

Pryor Marking Technology experience is not just confined to material selection and heat treatment.

We recognise that no two customers are the same and that some manufacturers have customised their machines for their own production processes. As such Pryor can manufacture bespoke cigarette printing dies (such as the GD121 die with code rings in the adjoining picture).

Additionally with the demise of drawing offices within many cigarette companies, Pryor provides added value by maintaining drawings for each customer die, which includes not only rod length, but also position settings for the panel (both first and second colours where applicable) as well as the brand image through the die card system.

  • consistency of brand image
  • quality control
  • safeguard against counterfeiting
  • ability to approve artwork before metal is cut
  • useful tool for marketing purposes
Cigarette Printing Dies

Code ring can be seen on left hand side of both pictures. The right hand side shows shoulders machined away with tapped holes to accommodate positioning and locking of the code ring